The Tusen ar Wyrm Krig, or Thousand Year Dragon War

The Thousand Year Dragon War is written down as the Tusen ar Wrym Krig because it was ultimately won by the giants and their allies. The end result of the war was the eradication of all dragons, causing them to go extinct.


History never recorded the reason why the giants and dragons went to war; some speculate that it was due to the giants desiring the wealth and knowledge of the dragons, some say it was due to the dragons desiring the land of the giants, but none may know for certain.
The war began, and went on for over five hundred years before both sides realized neither side was truly winning. Much of both sides lands had been destroyed or pilfered, but neither side was any closer to winning or surrendering. Many of the battlefields they fought on were not even within their own domains, and many other creatures began to fight back against their battles.
At first the giants and dragons thought nothing of these creatures, being as tiny as they were. However, they began to rethink this as many of their forces were being killed by them. Soon it became a three sided war, where all three sides fought each other. The giants, the dragons, and races that were recently formed by The Aspects.
This part of the war dragged on for another two hundred years, leaving much of the world sundered.
The world had once been one land, but with the battles between all manner of creature that gouged at it, the world began to have its lifeblood well up, its wounds separated the lands, creating the continents and the sea, and due to its sorrow of all those lost, it weeps in memory of them, creating rain.
After all sides had exhausted much of their resources, both the giants and dragons attempted to win over the races to fight against the other side.
The races agreed, being promised wealth and prosperity, but this decision created a rift between the races that would last for thousands of years.

The dwarves sided with the giants, while the elves sided with the dragons.
Halflings sided with the dragons, while gnomes sided with the giants.
The humans split themselves and sided with both giants and dragons, fighting against one another. The fact that the humans sided with the dragons around the same time that dragonborn came into existence also raises questions, as their true nature was never recorded, and once the war came to an end, so did the possibility of finding out.

The war continued for two hundred more years, before the giants managed to win over the races that had sided with the dragons, convincing them that the hordes that the dragons kept could be theirs if they helped.
The war was won within forty eight years, when the last dragon was vanquished, and its eggs destroyed. The Thousand Year Dragon War had not yet finished however, as the giants began to fight among each other. Each giant crafted smaller weapons for their allies to fight the other giants with, these weapons became known as Giant Slayers, and would be abhorred by all giants forever as their worst mistake.
The giant’s allies began to turn their own weapons against them, causing the giants to go into hiding within their own realm, and scattered throughout Anazoran. The giants collected these Giant Slayers, and would dispose of them in an attempt to erase their mistake, however, they could never erase the history of what happened.

The giants are now talked about in myth, many believing them to be stories written as fables to be learned from, while others maintain that it is true history.

The Tusen ar Wyrm Krig, or Thousand Year Dragon War

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