The Other Continents

Many of the other continents that are not part of the five continents are separate for various reasons, ranging from its development, its independence, or general appearance to the world. These places are smaller than the main continents, and as such, often only have one accepted country on them.


To the far South is the continent of Corsain, this place is not within the good graces of many other countries, as its own resources depend on the resources that they pirate from others. Many ships have been ransacked, and often sunk due to the people and government of this continent, though no outright acts of war have actually happened, many countries refuse to accept this as a true continent.

To the Southwest are the Islands of Gogal, rather than one, it seems to be a collection of small continents, or even just large islands that exist as one entity. The reason all of these seem to be connected as one is because of much of the exiling that has been done by other countries. Many of the worlds worst, and most dangerous criminals, cheats and liars have been exiled to these islands. Originally done by the elves of the Southeast continent, many exiles have been brought, and left there as undesirables. After that, many other people and travelers went there, and before long it grew into a country. Many different governments reside there, and much of the populace and how things are run will differ from island to island.

To the East is the Great Tree of Eli, a large island that is entirely taken up by the First Tree. A druidic holy place, the inhabitants have no desire for trade, and are against civilization within the land and will often attack, imprison, or kill travelers that don’t treat this place with the respect they demand.

To the North-Northwest is the Cape of Vale, a small dependent country that has connections to the Imperial State of Darnaius. Not having the resources on a small continent with freezing temperatures almost all year round, this country asked for help from Darnaius’ second monarch of the era of conquest. A treaty was signed between the two countries, allowing the Cape of Vale to keep its identity, and there would be free trade for them however, they were to help the Imperial State when it asked for help, and its soldiers were allowed safe refuge and passage within all of their land at any given time.

To the far North-northwest is the continent of Torvega. Having no form of government, and barely being inhabited by any of the races, it is viewed as a primitive place that orcs and other creatures inhabit.

The Other Continents

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