The Five Continents

Within the world of Azanoran, there are many continents, and many, many countries. However, there are five continents that are recognized as being independent and developed on its own, recognized by other continents and countries, and then there are continents that are not independent, or not developed enough for others to recognize them as their own continent.


To the Northwest is a frigid and cold continent that holds the countries of Delrond, Nirvani, and Tarune. It has a high population of dwarves and dragonborn, though this is not the only race that lives within this land. The northern country holds the highest concentration of dwarves, and the southern country has the second most. The dragonborn population mainly reside within the central country.

To the Southeast is a tropical continent that holds the two elven countries of Skoane, and Breysia. This continent is a desirable travel location, as many wayfarers, travelers, and wealthy desire to travel there once. Known for its exotic fruit, lush tropics, lost cities, and dangerous wildlife, it is a focus of many folk tale.

To the Northeast is the Imperial continent, which is the largest continent within all of Azanoran. It once had many countries on it, however, once the Imperial State of Darnaius finished it four generation conquest, it was the only country that existed on the continent, making it the second full continent country among the five continents. Being as big as it is, it’s no wonder that there are very differing habitats and ecosystems on this continent. Though it does not have frozen wastelands like the Northeast continent, nor the lush, tropical jungles that the Southeast has, it does have many of the central climate lands one might expect, such as grasslands, forests, swamps, and mountains.

To the South-southeast is the Incarsic continent, known as being the first continent to house one united country, it is home to the country of Incarsia. This continent is filled with sand, dunes, gulches, and oases, though very dangerous and difficult to survive in, many of its inhabitants have not only learned to survive, but to prosper. This continent is one of development and invention, creating and discovering much that is embraced throughout the world. Many stories are told of hidden caches, and magical libraries of old that lay hidden beneath its sands.

Within the Central-south is a land of all manner of races, while the predominant race is human, it is one of the few continents to have a large number of all the races. This continent hold the countries of Time Lost Country, Venrick, Astranis, and Lorenia. Though there is much debate about this, many consider Karthen to also be a part of this continent, though many within Karthen maintain that they are their own continent. Much of this continents traditions are influenced by the many different races that live there, and it is a constantly changing and evolving land. Much of this continent is made up of forests, hills, and grasslands, though Karthen is made up almost entirely of swampland.

The Five Continents

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