Magic, Faith, Ki, and Psi

Within the universe and multiverse that Azanoran exists within, there are four forms of power: Magic, Faith, Ki, and Psi.

Magic is a form of energy that passes between dimensions through leylines in the form of mana. Most dimensions have an abundance of mana, which is how they are connected together.
Many scholars theorized that there are an infinite amount of dimensions, but that there is no accessing them through normal or magical means as they are disconnected from the flow of mana.
All mages use mana, drawing from their own pool of mana to cast spells and intricacies, and having their bodies naturally absorb the mana from passing leylines.
Mana is said to be attuned to water, as it flows forth into the world on the current of leylines.

Faith is a form of energy that is considered the most supernatural power of all, as it is not a power the user manipulates by themselves. This power is bestowed upon people who use scriptures, mantras and other means to call upon a higher power that gives them the ability to use what they call for.
Most healers and holy warriors use the power of faith to use anything from closing the wounds of allys, to smiting evil foes. Though this is a widely used form of energy, it has little known about how it comes about, which may be why it has been named faith.
Many scholars and preachers theorize that there is some entity that gives the power of the specific spoken words or prayer symbol whenever it is called upon.
Faith is said to be attuned to fire, burning brightly and illuminating the darkness in oneself.

Ki is a form of energy that is manipulated through mastery of ones own body. This energy is the only energy gained through rigorous training, rather than studies. It is known widely by monks and other people who unlock the ability to manipulate their own inner power. Some monks have even uncovered the ability to use their own body aura to forcefully manipulate leylines, bringing forth magic and spells without actually using mana.
Ki is said to be attuned to earth, strengthening oneself until you may stand absolute as stone.

Psi is a lost form of energy that is only recorded in the history of a long-lost civilization that had died out for millenium. The Gith had written of a power that was born of the mind, requiring no incantations, prayers, or mantras to be spoken, only the image of what was desired would be enough.
This mighty power could supposedly do what mana and faith could do, ignoring the need for speech to cast or activate this power. It was called the mighty power of Psionics, which was soon dummed down to Psi as it was learned about.
The secrets of how to unlock this power was lost to the ages until someone is able to once again realize this power.
Psi is said to be attuned to air, an unseen, but present power comparable to any other power.

Magic, Faith, Ki, and Psi

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