Countries of Azanoran

This is the world of Azanoran, within this world, there are many countries that exist, and their borders were created due to cultural, ethnics, beliefs, or conflict.


The country players start in is the Time Lost Country, found in the central location of this world. This is not its original name, but because of over two hundred years of peace, other people and countries began calling it this, and eventually, even its citizens began calling it this. Its original name was Penarith, but due to a bill passed by the king and his council, its official name changed to the Time Lost Country, though it was meant to be in elven as Anand Lost Gwaith. Originally ruled by a high council of elves that were in charge under the king of the land, it is now run by a mixed council that rules under the king

The Country of Venrick, just south of the Time Lost Country, is a trade capital due to being between two prosperous countries that exist on the same continent. Because of where it is situated, the two countries on either side of it are trade partners, and due to this, many other countries will sail goods into the many port towns and cities within Venrick. Much of the country is farmland that grow cattle and sheep, as well as potatoes. It is mainly run on a system of plutocracy, where many of the figureheads on the ruling council are bought off by the wealthy, making many of the rulings favorable for the wealthy.

The country of Astranis is just south of Venrick, and is a large supplier of wines, and known for its craftsmanship in Jewelry. It is one of the few countries that has a functioning feudal system that includes Barons and lords governing lands. As such, each land within this country is ruled by a lord or baron, and ultimately these lords and barons answer to the hereditary ruler of the country, though the original hereditary ruler was changed due to their death and no other hereditary ruler to take their place.

The country of Lorenia, found just southwest of Astranis, originally known for its bloody internal strife. It used to run a system of mayors governing over their towns, but no real leader or figurehead within, causing many struggles over land and resources among the mayors. Because of this, many civil wars have been fought, and much of the country is far behind in development and trade in comparison to other countries.
However, now that it has embraced a new system of bureaucracy and united, it seems to have a much brighter future ahead.

The country of Corsain found at the southern most part of the world is widely feared for the pirates that infest its waters and harbor there. This country is the largest, and longest running country that runs on a Kleptocracy. These pirates steal from trade ships that pass through the area, or are unlucky enough to run into them on high seas. Though many people have traveled there, there is a split of opinions on the country. Many say that it is a paradise, with many distractions and full of intrigue, while many others say that it was a horrible place filled with brigands and highway men.

The Imperial State of Darnaius is a country that takes up the largest existing continent in all of Azanoran, it takes up the entire northeastern portion of the world. Under a system of monarchy, the monarch, and the successors after him, took the small portion of the continent, and made its military into a small, but effective and powerful force and began to take over the rest of the continent. Employing their alchemical advancements into their warfare tactics caught many of their enemies off guard, as they could create green flames that no water or simple magic could extinguish. After the continent was conquered, there was a period of peace as the monarch of the time had accomplished his predecessors goal.
But after the new monarch took control, Darnaius forces have been encroaching on the dwarven-dragonborn continent, taking small towns and forts on the outer areas of each country, slowly gaining footholds on the continent.

The Cape of Vale is a country that is run by a satrapy system of government, where the Imperial State of Darnaius ultimately controls them. Having no space, resources, or ability to grow crops in the cold climate, the country turned to the monarch of Darnaius. The monarch at the time was the second generation during the era of conquest, and desiring a port to keep his ships safe to restock for naval attacks on the western side of the continent he was trying to take control of, he accepted. They had an agreement that the Cape of Vale would have free trade with them, and that they would remain their own identity, however, they would need to allow soldier and ships safe refuge and passage through their lands at any given time, as well as cooperation when Darnaius needed it.

The country of Delrond is in the northeastern most part of the world. Part of a dwarven-dragonborn demographic continent, it is the northern most country on the continent. This continent is within the coldest part of the hemisphere, Delrond is considered the coldest climate in the world. Possibly due to its climate, many of its dwarven population have dug into its mountainous terrain deep into the earth, finding pockets of lava that are used widely for heat and forging. Delrond has put forth the most advancements in the field of smithing and craftsmanship, it was actually within these mountains that the first adamantine was discovered and worked. This country runs a confederacy between dwarven rulers, a system that has managed to keep their country strong for hundreds of years.

Nirvani is a country just south of Delrond, is a country with the highest population of dragonborn; though the percentage of dragonborn is lower that the rest of the population, it has the highest concentration in the world. Much of the traditions, foods, and structure has been heavily influenced by the dragonborn population. The name of the country itself is derived from dragonborn monastic traditions. Run by a theocracy, many elders of these traditions and religions rule the land, ruling by the traditions and beliefs that have been passed down for generations.

Tarune is a country just south of Nirvani, the country itself is an icy tundra, filled with snow drifts and frozen wastelands, however, underneath all of this exists cozy hollows and burrows where many hill dwarves, gnomes, and halflings reside. While many of the other countries on the continent have learned how to avoid the cold, the people here have learned how to use it. Making homes out of snow and ice and the earth, they have managed to find warmth within the cold. Run by a confederacy between three rulers that each represent the predominant races in Tarune.

The Great Tree of Eli is an unofficial country to the far east that sits on a large island, on it sits the Great Tree of Eli, a tree worshiped by many druids and followers of Ysera as the first tree, or world tree. Historians have debated about whether this tree is truly the first tree or not, however, no agreement could truly be met, since if it truly was, none of the races would have been around to record it. The tree takes up most of the island, leaving at most one mile of land on any side of it, the tree would take almost two days to travel from one side to the other, and the true inhabitants of the island inhabit the tree itself, as the tree has many openings, passageways, and chambers naturally within it.

The country of Skoane is further south from the Great Tree of Eli, residing within the tropical climate of the southeast. Originally this country was where the high elves exiled the wood elves, drow elves, and tieflings when the first empire of elves was built. Having been removed from their original homes, the exiles began creating homes in the northern part of the continent, learning to hunt, trap, and forage. The high elves regarded them as primal savages at first, but it was actually the Skoane tribe that created the first safe passage and housing within the trees. With this knowledge, the inhabitants could traverse the jungles safely, without fear of being attack by animals or monsters, as well as being able to sleep safely. Due to this new way of life being available to them, the people named their country Skoane to honor the tribe that guaranteed their safety. Due to the continued worship of Nozdormu, they have a patriarchy where an elder tribesman rules over the tribes.

Breysia is a country just south of Skoane, where the first empire of elves was born, and much of elven culture originated from. During the beginning of the empire, all of the elves existed within Breysia, however, a small tribe of drow elves, wishing to strengthen their tribe, bedded with fiends so that they would have more powerful offspring; what came to be were tieflings. The high elves saw this as an afront towards Nozdormu, and began to create a rift between the drow elves and all other elves. Because of racial segregation and oppression, the wood elves stood up for their brethren, demanding better treatment for them, as it had been one tribe, and not the race as a whole that committed the act. The high elves declared war on all other elves, and due to the oppression over the past years, the other elves had few numbers than the high elves, so instead of fighting, they surrendered before any battles happened. The high elves exiled the other elves and teiflings into the northern jungles. This country is still run by a patriarchy, a tradition handed down since the beginning of the elven empire.

Incarsia is a country to the west of Skoane and Breysia, still within the hot climate of the southeast, it is a country of desert and sand. Being within such unforgiving conditions, its people were forced to quickly adapt, and when they couldn’t adapt, they became creative. Incarsia is the first country to dig into the earth for water, and though it was very different, it was how wells came to be in other countries. Digging into the earth to find underground oases were only one of the contributions this country did; much of the coffee beans found around the world can have their origins traced back to Incarsia. Due to advancements and knowledge being an important attribute in daily life, this country is run by a meritocracy, where a single master of lore called the Keeper decides changes within the country, while a small cabinet of elected officials run day-to-day government work.

To the southwest are the Islands of Gogal, a large grouping of islands that are collectively seen as one entity. This country’s origins lie with the exiles that were first brought, and left at these islands. The first of the exiles were the few elves that fought after the high elf separation, and the elves that survived after being defeated were sent to these islands. Many other countries exiled their dangerous or undesirable people on these islands, but years later, travelers, immigrants, and many others came to these islands and settled down as well. While it is still in a disarray of governments and rulings, it has many different ethnicities and traditions that are brought to it, and much of this differs from island to island. Many historians theorize that each island may become its own country in the future, but for now there is no dominant goal or leader in these islands.

Karthen is a country to the east of the Islands of Gogal, it is just off of the central-southern continent, and while many consider it to be part of that continent, the country of Karthen maintains that they are their own separate entity. Having no outstanding export, they mainly rely on fishing and hunting within the swampland that makes up much of this land. Much of the villages, towns, and cities are built on dockworks, floating settlements, or on stable ground that won’t be taken by the swamps.

Countries of Azanoran

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