World Writer Campaign

This is a Mythic style campaign that is fast paced and will often give players good loot and levels fast, however, the trade-off is that enemies are more powerful, or come in bigger groups, which is where the fast leveling comes from.

The Campaign setting is where players have their normal lives ruined by some awful event that destroys the area they are currently in and puts it into strife. A World Writer name Xander Morrellomollonius III explains that players are characters within his ongoing story, a story his sister Nikka Morrellomollonius II is currently tampering with.
He gives the players the powers to take on the threat that is invading their country, and asks for their help stopping her.

World Writers have the capabilities of using their influence within the world to shape the story, and while Xander uses his towards a happy end, it seems his sister has other plans for the world.

World Writer

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