World Writer

In the Beginning

Every Story has a Beginning

Within the peaceful country of Time Lost Country, two friends were having lunch within the small, but busy tavern in their quiet town. They had been seated next to a younger man who was drinking, he already had six empty tankards on the table before him as he began drinking a seventh. After a little while, a taller dwarf was brought to the table, a barmaid asked if it was alright if he was seated there as well, and those at the table said it was fine.
After everyone had a meal, the man who was drinking asked, in a perfectly sober voice, about those seated at the table.

The first to answer was a silver dragonborn wearing chainmail. His name was Rhogar Targaryan, he was a soldier that was trained with many weapons, however, he was mostly for show and only really dealt with small scuffles and domestic disputes.

The second to answer was a scruffy human named Theo Lunastra, he was a hunter that was also trained with most weapons, and would often hunt with an ax rather than a bow.

The third was a shy black skinned dwarf with dark hair named Artium Mekyal. He was an armor smith that had caused several soldiers to die in battle due to an armor malfunction, and now he travelled the world to learn new and better ways to craft armor.

The man was about to introduce himself, when suddenly a group of three robed men entered the inn accompanied by werewolves. One of them demanded the patrons join them. When one patron asked “Or else what?” the man snapped his fingers and the werewolves descended upon the patrons. Theo went to attack with his ax, but missed and was immediately clawed down. All of the other patrons met the same fate, as the werewolves clawed down everyone in the inn.

The party woke up to find themselves in the smoldering remains of the inn, their wounds gone. Above them floated the man at the table, now wearing flowing golden robes.
He introduced himself as Alexander Morrellomollonius III, but he told them he preferred Xander.
He introduced himself as a World Writer, and that all of this was caused by his sister Nikka.
After saying her name, a girl popped out in the air next to Xander, wearing more casual, but foreign attire. She floated around looking around at the party, introducing herself as Veronikka Morrellomollonius II, but she preferred Nikka.
Theo took a swing at her, but his ax went through where she had been, and she now floated in another area floating lazily around. Theo tossed his ax at her, but the same thing happened.
Theo swore he would stop her, and the rest of the party agreed that they would as well. Nikka smiled and told them that she looked forward to it.

Xander told them that he would give them power to stop her. He told them that he didn’t have enough power to make them the most powerful beings because he lost some of his power due to his sister taking some of his influence in the world, but he managed to make them into adventurers based on what kind of power they desired most.
Rhogar became a devotion paladin due to his desire to protect others.
Theo became a champion fighter due to his desire for strength.
Artium became an armiger fighter due to his desire to make better armor.

After being given their powers, Xander wished them luck, and disappeared.

And so the adventure began.

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