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The Lion's Den

The puppeteer gives a sermon

The adventurers were brought to a secluded area within the woods, and before long they found themselves at a clearing with a cave opening at the other side. They could see all manner of tent and shelter that was seemingly used by the cultists, however, all of them seemed to be empty at the moment. Chanting seemed to echo from the entrance to the cave on the other side of the clearing.

The adventurers were brought to the mouth of the cave and told that their leader, Bjorn, was giving his daily sermon to keep everyone’s spirits up.
From inside the cave the chanting was one word said over and over again.
Bjorn! Bjorn! Bjorn!
The chant sounded more like a chant to keep sailors rowing in pace, and the sheer number of voices gave the adventurers a small sense of worry. They had planned to deal with the cultist quickly, and finding their base was a great step forward, however, now it seemed like there may be more than they could handle by themselves, and now they were being brought right into the thick of things with no way out.
Inside the cave was brightly lit by torches that were affixed to the walls throughout. The cave was fairly even for footing, and quite spacious within the lowered area. A raised cliff area about fifteen feet up seemed to have an opening into another area, but little more than the glow from another light source flickering on the roof of the entrance could be seen.
The cultists here were packed shoulder to shoulder, continuing the chant as they waited. More than fifty could be seen of differing heights and gender. The hoods on the robes now down, it was seen that all were humans, and possibly the odd half-elf or gnome could be seen.
The adventurers managed to get into the crowd amidst the chanting, and before they found a comfortable spot, the chanting changed to cheering.

Up on the ledge, a man appeared from the opening with his hands raised above his head in response to the cheers. The man had blond hair, and an average looking face, but he seemed to emanate charisma as his followers cheered louder at his show of looking around at the crowd smiling.
It felt more like a beloved king making a public appearance before his subjects than a cult leader coming from a hovel in a cave.
After a while he raised his hand up for silence, and immediately the cave was quiet.
He spoke, his voice was smooth and his sentences flowed well.


Emberwraith Emberwraith

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