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The party began to set out, and at this point, Rhogar wanted to summon a horse with his newfound power. He summoned forth a celestial steed, however, this horse was very prickly and had little respect for him, so he desummoned it and summoned a new one.
This horse seemed a little confused and worried. He said his name was Asher, and asked where he was. He seemed a little unhappy, and when asked why, he explained that he was just in a race with other horses on a race track. Asher took it in stride however, and agreed to help Rhogar on his journey. Asher could speak mentally with Rhogar, since he had summoned him, but could also speak common verbally as well, disturbing the survivors of the town.

The group traveled quite a ways before they set up camp within the grasslands they were traveling. They made a campfire, and set up watch.

Not to far into the night, an attack suddenly happened, as three cultists, three werewolves, and one man in studded leather armor appeared. The cultists cast spells, while the werewolves held the front lines, heading straight towards the civilians, and the man in leather gave out commands while he threw knives.
Artium went straight for the man in leather, hoping to disorganize the group by taking away the commander, but the man tried to keep distance between them. Rhogar got onto Asher and began to devastate the cultists, while Theo took care of the werewolves. After a few cultists were taken care of, Rhogar went to assist Theo in protecting the civilians from the werewolves.
However, the remaining cultist took out a crossbow and fired at the civilians, and the bolt flew towards the little girl who stood up to see what was going on. Artium reached out his hand in desperation, praying that the arrow would miss, suddenly Xander showed up, wrote in his book, and a sudden gust of wind caused the bolt to go off the mark. Xander looked at Artium, and disappeared.
The werewolves were taken care of, and the last cultist tried to make himself invisible, however, he was cut down as well. The man in leather attempted to run away, however, Rhogar easily caught up with him, and hit him in the back of the head with the flat of his great-sword.
They tied the man up and brought him to the camp, where they began to loot the bodies and look around. They found where the man’s party had come from, finding a few horses in the direction he attempted to flee to. Rhogar took that magical saddle that was on one of the horses and saddled it to Asher.
Once the man woke up, the party interrogated him, however, he didn’t seem to want to speak. Theo tried to intimidate him, but he still seemed tight-lipped. Finally, Rhogar promised him that he could go free after he answered them, convincing him that his word was his bond, as he was a paladin.
The man introduced himself as Carl Tralley.
He told them of some of the cultist plans of taking people in the outer towns and villages into their order, or killing them so they couldn’t warn other places about them.
The party told him he was free to go after answering their questions, however, he asked if he could go with them, trying to convince them that it was too dangerous for him to go back to the cult after failing. He tried to convince them that he could help them, and that he was forced to join the cult as well.
After a while of deliberation, the party talked to Xander, whom none of the others even seemed to react when he showed up, seemingly unable to see him.
They asked him if he could use some of his powers to give Carl adventurer powers like them, and Xander agreed.
Carl found himself startled with a power that fell over him, and then he could suddenly see a man floating above the party regarding him.
Xander gave the briefest of explanations, then disappeared.
A little much for Carl to take in, he went to bed.

Theo called forth Xander, and asked to be able to gain the knowledge to summon an owlbear, Xander did so, and Theo tried it out. Carl woke up, looked at the owlbear, and immediately laid back down and tried to go back to sleep.

When morning came, the party set out towards the next town in the hopes of getting there before the cultists got there.

However, they would already be too late.

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