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Finding survivors

The party searched around the town amidst the burned wreckage and rubble, while Theo went to his own house to search for his wife.

The party found a few survivors, one was a man and his daughter who hid in a tool shed, another was a woman that was found in some wreckage with bad burns that Rhogar healed,
another was a man that was found in a wine cellar that was passed out from drinking.

Theo went to his house and searched the wreckage, eventually finding his wife dead amidst the rubble. He buried her, and once he finished, he heard footsteps, he looked up and walked over to find a werewolf wandering the streets. It saw him and charged. Theo cut it down, taking a blow himself. Before he could catch his breath, he heard rushed footsteps behind him, and saw another werewolf running towards him. This one was also cut down.

After the party reunited and Theo went through the wine cellar, taking a few remaining bottles, the party looked over the survivors. Theo, thinking that any alcohol could disinfect wounds, poured half of a bottle of wine on the unconscious woman who was still badly burned, causing her great pain; Rhogar cleaned her wounds afterwards.

Artium found the local smithy that was mostly burned down, but made use of the intact forge area, crafting special armor.
The other two party members went to collect their things. and Rhogar played cards while he waited for the survivors to wake up, and Artium to finish smithing.
While he played with his cards, he found a strange card among the set, it had a star on it.
On looking at it, it turned into small bubbles of yellow light that went and surrounded him and his party members before returning, and turning into a small brown bag.

This bag was thought to be a bag of holding at first, but it was later found to be a lesser known Bag of Sanctuary.

After everything was done, the party rested until morning, and set out with the survivors to head towards the next settlement to warn them.

Little did they know, it would be too late.

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