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Encounter with Cultists

The destroyed town, and its destroyers

The party traveled for a while longer, having another encounter with some cultists, but ultimately winning and continuing on.
They came to the next nearest town, but what they were greeted with was smoke rising, and buildings ablaze.

The party had the citizens hide within their Bag of Sanctuary, as they went to search for survivors. They searched the streets, but most buildings were on fire, the timbers of some houses collapsing in on the house, followed by cries of anguish, then silence.
As the party tried to save anyone they could, a group of cultists that seemed to be burning more buildings down, and making sure the houses were still ablaze came walking down the street. The party readied themselves for combat, as did the cultists.
In total, there were four cultists. Two of them cast fly on themselves, and rose out of reach of the party, while the other two cast some sort of shielding spell on themselves.
Artium being the first to move, moved as close to the ones on the ground as possible, trying to get their attention onto himself. Rhogar moved in to assist in taking those two out.
Carl set to dealing with the flying enemies, however, he only had throwing knives to deal with them, so Theo attempted to help as well by throwing axes at them.
The ones in the sky floated down to cast a different spell on themselves, making the mistake of going into Theo’s domain.
Artium found himself being attacked by all manner of spell, but brushing them off as if nothing happened most of the time. Rhogar went to dealing with them, and once they were finished, turned his attention to the last one remaining.
Rhogar hit the last one with a holy burst of energy that cracked loudly through the air as it struck, sending the cultist flying in through a window in the burning building. Rhogar faltered, then decided to do something different. He went into the burning building and pulled the cultist out, shouldering him up and out through the hole in the wall.
When they emerged, he saw many groups of cultists coming towards them to surround them, drawn by the loud sound. They surrounded them, readying spells, but pausing as they saw one of their own being shouldered by the new group.

The cultist raised his hand with a twinge of pain, and told the other cultists that his own group tried to betray him, and that these were new recruits that saved him.
The other cultists bought it, and guided the party towards their hideout.
The cultist gave Rhogar a knowing wink, as they set off towards the headquarter.

And so the party found themselves heading straight towards the lions den.


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