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The Lion's Den
The puppeteer gives a sermon

The adventurers were brought to a secluded area within the woods, and before long they found themselves at a clearing with a cave opening at the other side. They could see all manner of tent and shelter that was seemingly used by the cultists, however, all of them seemed to be empty at the moment. Chanting seemed to echo from the entrance to the cave on the other side of the clearing.

The adventurers were brought to the mouth of the cave and told that their leader, Bjorn, was giving his daily sermon to keep everyone’s spirits up.
From inside the cave the chanting was one word said over and over again.
Bjorn! Bjorn! Bjorn!
The chant sounded more like a chant to keep sailors rowing in pace, and the sheer number of voices gave the adventurers a small sense of worry. They had planned to deal with the cultist quickly, and finding their base was a great step forward, however, now it seemed like there may be more than they could handle by themselves, and now they were being brought right into the thick of things with no way out.
Inside the cave was brightly lit by torches that were affixed to the walls throughout. The cave was fairly even for footing, and quite spacious within the lowered area. A raised cliff area about fifteen feet up seemed to have an opening into another area, but little more than the glow from another light source flickering on the roof of the entrance could be seen.
The cultists here were packed shoulder to shoulder, continuing the chant as they waited. More than fifty could be seen of differing heights and gender. The hoods on the robes now down, it was seen that all were humans, and possibly the odd half-elf or gnome could be seen.
The adventurers managed to get into the crowd amidst the chanting, and before they found a comfortable spot, the chanting changed to cheering.

Up on the ledge, a man appeared from the opening with his hands raised above his head in response to the cheers. The man had blond hair, and an average looking face, but he seemed to emanate charisma as his followers cheered louder at his show of looking around at the crowd smiling.
It felt more like a beloved king making a public appearance before his subjects than a cult leader coming from a hovel in a cave.
After a while he raised his hand up for silence, and immediately the cave was quiet.
He spoke, his voice was smooth and his sentences flowed well.

Encounter with Cultists
The destroyed town, and its destroyers

The party traveled for a while longer, having another encounter with some cultists, but ultimately winning and continuing on.
They came to the next nearest town, but what they were greeted with was smoke rising, and buildings ablaze.

The party had the citizens hide within their Bag of Sanctuary, as they went to search for survivors. They searched the streets, but most buildings were on fire, the timbers of some houses collapsing in on the house, followed by cries of anguish, then silence.
As the party tried to save anyone they could, a group of cultists that seemed to be burning more buildings down, and making sure the houses were still ablaze came walking down the street. The party readied themselves for combat, as did the cultists.
In total, there were four cultists. Two of them cast fly on themselves, and rose out of reach of the party, while the other two cast some sort of shielding spell on themselves.
Artium being the first to move, moved as close to the ones on the ground as possible, trying to get their attention onto himself. Rhogar moved in to assist in taking those two out.
Carl set to dealing with the flying enemies, however, he only had throwing knives to deal with them, so Theo attempted to help as well by throwing axes at them.
The ones in the sky floated down to cast a different spell on themselves, making the mistake of going into Theo’s domain.
Artium found himself being attacked by all manner of spell, but brushing them off as if nothing happened most of the time. Rhogar went to dealing with them, and once they were finished, turned his attention to the last one remaining.
Rhogar hit the last one with a holy burst of energy that cracked loudly through the air as it struck, sending the cultist flying in through a window in the burning building. Rhogar faltered, then decided to do something different. He went into the burning building and pulled the cultist out, shouldering him up and out through the hole in the wall.
When they emerged, he saw many groups of cultists coming towards them to surround them, drawn by the loud sound. They surrounded them, readying spells, but pausing as they saw one of their own being shouldered by the new group.

The cultist raised his hand with a twinge of pain, and told the other cultists that his own group tried to betray him, and that these were new recruits that saved him.
The other cultists bought it, and guided the party towards their hideout.
The cultist gave Rhogar a knowing wink, as they set off towards the headquarter.

And so the party found themselves heading straight towards the lions den.

Not the Best First Impression

The party began to set out, and at this point, Rhogar wanted to summon a horse with his newfound power. He summoned forth a celestial steed, however, this horse was very prickly and had little respect for him, so he desummoned it and summoned a new one.
This horse seemed a little confused and worried. He said his name was Asher, and asked where he was. He seemed a little unhappy, and when asked why, he explained that he was just in a race with other horses on a race track. Asher took it in stride however, and agreed to help Rhogar on his journey. Asher could speak mentally with Rhogar, since he had summoned him, but could also speak common verbally as well, disturbing the survivors of the town.

The group traveled quite a ways before they set up camp within the grasslands they were traveling. They made a campfire, and set up watch.

Not to far into the night, an attack suddenly happened, as three cultists, three werewolves, and one man in studded leather armor appeared. The cultists cast spells, while the werewolves held the front lines, heading straight towards the civilians, and the man in leather gave out commands while he threw knives.
Artium went straight for the man in leather, hoping to disorganize the group by taking away the commander, but the man tried to keep distance between them. Rhogar got onto Asher and began to devastate the cultists, while Theo took care of the werewolves. After a few cultists were taken care of, Rhogar went to assist Theo in protecting the civilians from the werewolves.
However, the remaining cultist took out a crossbow and fired at the civilians, and the bolt flew towards the little girl who stood up to see what was going on. Artium reached out his hand in desperation, praying that the arrow would miss, suddenly Xander showed up, wrote in his book, and a sudden gust of wind caused the bolt to go off the mark. Xander looked at Artium, and disappeared.
The werewolves were taken care of, and the last cultist tried to make himself invisible, however, he was cut down as well. The man in leather attempted to run away, however, Rhogar easily caught up with him, and hit him in the back of the head with the flat of his great-sword.
They tied the man up and brought him to the camp, where they began to loot the bodies and look around. They found where the man’s party had come from, finding a few horses in the direction he attempted to flee to. Rhogar took that magical saddle that was on one of the horses and saddled it to Asher.
Once the man woke up, the party interrogated him, however, he didn’t seem to want to speak. Theo tried to intimidate him, but he still seemed tight-lipped. Finally, Rhogar promised him that he could go free after he answered them, convincing him that his word was his bond, as he was a paladin.
The man introduced himself as Carl Tralley.
He told them of some of the cultist plans of taking people in the outer towns and villages into their order, or killing them so they couldn’t warn other places about them.
The party told him he was free to go after answering their questions, however, he asked if he could go with them, trying to convince them that it was too dangerous for him to go back to the cult after failing. He tried to convince them that he could help them, and that he was forced to join the cult as well.
After a while of deliberation, the party talked to Xander, whom none of the others even seemed to react when he showed up, seemingly unable to see him.
They asked him if he could use some of his powers to give Carl adventurer powers like them, and Xander agreed.
Carl found himself startled with a power that fell over him, and then he could suddenly see a man floating above the party regarding him.
Xander gave the briefest of explanations, then disappeared.
A little much for Carl to take in, he went to bed.

Theo called forth Xander, and asked to be able to gain the knowledge to summon an owlbear, Xander did so, and Theo tried it out. Carl woke up, looked at the owlbear, and immediately laid back down and tried to go back to sleep.

When morning came, the party set out towards the next town in the hopes of getting there before the cultists got there.

However, they would already be too late.

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New Companions
Finding survivors

The party searched around the town amidst the burned wreckage and rubble, while Theo went to his own house to search for his wife.

The party found a few survivors, one was a man and his daughter who hid in a tool shed, another was a woman that was found in some wreckage with bad burns that Rhogar healed,
another was a man that was found in a wine cellar that was passed out from drinking.

Theo went to his house and searched the wreckage, eventually finding his wife dead amidst the rubble. He buried her, and once he finished, he heard footsteps, he looked up and walked over to find a werewolf wandering the streets. It saw him and charged. Theo cut it down, taking a blow himself. Before he could catch his breath, he heard rushed footsteps behind him, and saw another werewolf running towards him. This one was also cut down.

After the party reunited and Theo went through the wine cellar, taking a few remaining bottles, the party looked over the survivors. Theo, thinking that any alcohol could disinfect wounds, poured half of a bottle of wine on the unconscious woman who was still badly burned, causing her great pain; Rhogar cleaned her wounds afterwards.

Artium found the local smithy that was mostly burned down, but made use of the intact forge area, crafting special armor.
The other two party members went to collect their things. and Rhogar played cards while he waited for the survivors to wake up, and Artium to finish smithing.
While he played with his cards, he found a strange card among the set, it had a star on it.
On looking at it, it turned into small bubbles of yellow light that went and surrounded him and his party members before returning, and turning into a small brown bag.

This bag was thought to be a bag of holding at first, but it was later found to be a lesser known Bag of Sanctuary.

After everything was done, the party rested until morning, and set out with the survivors to head towards the next settlement to warn them.

Little did they know, it would be too late.

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In the Beginning
Every Story has a Beginning

Within the peaceful country of Time Lost Country, two friends were having lunch within the small, but busy tavern in their quiet town. They had been seated next to a younger man who was drinking, he already had six empty tankards on the table before him as he began drinking a seventh. After a little while, a taller dwarf was brought to the table, a barmaid asked if it was alright if he was seated there as well, and those at the table said it was fine.
After everyone had a meal, the man who was drinking asked, in a perfectly sober voice, about those seated at the table.

The first to answer was a silver dragonborn wearing chainmail. His name was Rhogar Targaryan, he was a soldier that was trained with many weapons, however, he was mostly for show and only really dealt with small scuffles and domestic disputes.

The second to answer was a scruffy human named Theo Lunastra, he was a hunter that was also trained with most weapons, and would often hunt with an ax rather than a bow.

The third was a shy black skinned dwarf with dark hair named Artium Mekyal. He was an armor smith that had caused several soldiers to die in battle due to an armor malfunction, and now he travelled the world to learn new and better ways to craft armor.

The man was about to introduce himself, when suddenly a group of three robed men entered the inn accompanied by werewolves. One of them demanded the patrons join them. When one patron asked “Or else what?” the man snapped his fingers and the werewolves descended upon the patrons. Theo went to attack with his ax, but missed and was immediately clawed down. All of the other patrons met the same fate, as the werewolves clawed down everyone in the inn.

The party woke up to find themselves in the smoldering remains of the inn, their wounds gone. Above them floated the man at the table, now wearing flowing golden robes.
He introduced himself as Alexander Morrellomollonius III, but he told them he preferred Xander.
He introduced himself as a World Writer, and that all of this was caused by his sister Nikka.
After saying her name, a girl popped out in the air next to Xander, wearing more casual, but foreign attire. She floated around looking around at the party, introducing herself as Veronikka Morrellomollonius II, but she preferred Nikka.
Theo took a swing at her, but his ax went through where she had been, and she now floated in another area floating lazily around. Theo tossed his ax at her, but the same thing happened.
Theo swore he would stop her, and the rest of the party agreed that they would as well. Nikka smiled and told them that she looked forward to it.

Xander told them that he would give them power to stop her. He told them that he didn’t have enough power to make them the most powerful beings because he lost some of his power due to his sister taking some of his influence in the world, but he managed to make them into adventurers based on what kind of power they desired most.
Rhogar became a devotion paladin due to his desire to protect others.
Theo became a champion fighter due to his desire for strength.
Artium became an armiger fighter due to his desire to make better armor.

After being given their powers, Xander wished them luck, and disappeared.

And so the adventure began.

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